Thank you note from our ceo

Thank you note from our ceo

Our employees are the heart and soul of the JAMP Pharma Group. We are more than ever committed to our mission for everyone’s well-being during this difficult period.

Louis Pilon, JAMP Pharma Group CEO: ”I would like to take a moment to thank all our JAMP Pharma Group employees for their second to none commitment during this unprecedented crisis.

Whether working on-site or remotely, their invaluable contribution is critical to ensuring our operations continue to run smoothly.

Thanks to their remarkable work, millions of Canadians and health care professionals continue to receive their JAMP Pharma group medications and personal care products.

We also take this opportunity to thank all the workers who, like us, provide an essential service. We are particularly grateful to the front line healthcare workers who are risking their own health to care for others during this pandemic crisis.

Again, thank you to all our employees who make this possible day after day.

Keep up the good work!’’

Louis Pilon, JAMP Pharma Group CEO

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