JAMP Pharma, local growth means social responsibility!

As a growing company, we believe it is our duty to make a positive difference in our community by getting involved and helping to build a healthy and prosperous society. Proud of our values of integrity and transparency, we support organizations through several fundraising activities organized for our employees. JAMP Pharma is committed to various social causes through associations such as Centraide and Portage.

Centraide supports 350 organizations renowned for their strong roots in their communities, their ability to innovate and work in collaboration with other partners, and their action based on the autonomy of individuals. JAMP Pharma was among the 32 teams that participated in the annual United Way Cup soccer tournament on September 7 and, 2019.

Our commitment to the well-being and development of young people helped raise $305,000. Thanks to our extraordinary spirit of camaraderie both on and off the field, we won the Ballon de l’Honneur in our first year of participation. Our desire to support the community helps individuals and families to overcome poverty and exclusion.

Since 1970, Portage has been involved in Quebec with people struggling with addiction problems by helping them overcome their addiction in order to live a healthy, happy and productive life. This cause is dear to Louis Pilon, President and Chief Executive Officer of JAMP Pharma, who has been a sponsor of Portage for many years. JAMP Pharma donated $25,000 to this centre throughout 2019 and contributed to the Great Philanthropists’ Evening.