Laboratoire Suisse unveils its latest innovation – Swical Collagen Rejuvenate

Laboratoire Suisse unveils its latest innovation – Swical Collagen Rejuvenate

Laboratoire Suisse is pleased to present its latest addition to the Swical family: Swical Collagen Rejuvenate. Proudly made in Quebec, this liquid collagen is a perfect representation of Laboratoire Suisse’s ongoing commitment to innovate and offer products that contribute to the well-being of consumers. Swical Collagen Rejuvenate packs 2500 mg of collagen per dose, along with chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, lysine, MSM and zinc. This unique formula helps to support joint health, immune functions and healthy bones, hair, nails and skin.

Beauty from within

True beauty emanates from within, and Swical Collagen Rejuvenate embodies this philosophy. This supplement supports energy metabolism and tissue formation to help unveil your natural radiance and enhance your daily well-being. With no added sugar, nuts, or lactose, it caters to those with food sensitivities. Its liquid form ensures rapid absorption, while its natural passion fruit and lotus flavor makes it a delicious addition to your daily regimen.

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Laboratoire Suisse

Since its establishment in 1989, Laboratoire Suisse has been offering high-quality natural health products to consumers, catering to various needs while respecting the environment. The brand boasts a variety of product categories to help to relieve digestive disorders, manage sleep-related problems, support the immune system, boost energy levels and more.

Swical Energy

With the introduction of Swical Collagen Rejuvenate, Laboratoire Suisse is enhancing its Swical Energy range. Renowned for its energy-boosting ampoules, Swical Energy began to broaden its offerings with the launch of Swical Energy Shot last September, an energy gel made from a blend of vitamins and plant extracts. Swical Collagen Rejuvenate marks a new milestone in this expansion. Stay tuned, as this dynamic and innovative brand already plans additional launches in the near future!

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