Donation to hospitals to combat Covid-19

Donation to hospitals to combat Covid-19

COVID-19:  Corporate Update 03/23/2020

Donation of hydroxychloroquine to Canadian hospitals to combat COVID-19

JAMP Pharma Group announces that it is donating one million doses of hydroxychloroquine to Canadian hospitals, a drug that is normally used to treat malaria and rheumatoid arthritis and which could potentially be useful in treating hospitalized patients infected with the COVID-19 virus.

Considerable efforts is being made to find effective treatments for COVID-19 and, while treatments are still being studied, it appears that preliminary results (1) on hydroxychloroquine in patients who’ve contracted the virus have caught the attention of scientists, doctors and researchers.

“JAMP Pharma Group is pleased to contribute to the collective efforts of governments and health partners in the attempt to contain the effects of COVID-19. Solidarity and mutual aid are precious assets in times of crisis. We have a duty to do everything in our power to help Canadians through this,” said Louis Pilon, President/CEO of JAMP Pharma Group.

The company is already in touch with many healthcare stakeholders who are managing this crisis to offer its collaboration.

The purpose of this generous donation to Canadian hospitals is twofold: JAMP Pharma Group wants to maximize the availability of the drug to the country’s health establishments for hospitalized patients who have contracted COVID-19, but also wants to avoid a shortage of the medication for persons using or needing hydroxychloroquine to treat the diseases for which the medication was approved by Health Canada.

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