Discover the one of a kind ready-to-drink gels electrifying the Canadian market!

Discover the one of a kind ready-to-drink gels electrifying the Canadian market!

Wampole and Laboratoire Suisse are making waves with the launch of two new energy products: Swical Energy Shot and Ultra Energy Shot. These ready-to-drink energy gels are redefining the energy market with their innovative formula combining vitamins and plant extracts. With only 20 calories per serving, no caffeine, and zero grams of sugar, this gel gives you the boost needed to help enhance your physical performance, reduce mental fatigue, and support cognitive functions throughout the day.

An innovative formula

Both products feature a unique formula combining the benefits of carefully selected vitamins and plant extracts.  This exclusive blend sets itself apart in the market and offers consumers a plethora of benefits:

  • Helps support cognitive function and reduce mental fatigue.
  • Help enhance physical performance.
  • Helps in energy metabolism and in tissue formation.
  • Source of antioxidant that helps fight oxidative damage caused by free radicals.
  • Helps to maintain immune function.

Within each sachet are 6 active ingredients that work in harmony to give you a boost of energy

1. Panax Ginseng

2. Green Tea Extract

3. Rhodiola Rosea

4. Vitamin B3

5. Vitamin B6

6. Vitamin C

Products Licensed by Health Canada

Distinguishing our products extends far beyond their formulation; both of our ready-to-drink gels are certified by Health Canada, enhancing the credibility of each claim. This certification attests to the compliance of our products with the most rigorous health and safety standards, providing peace of mind to our consumers.

Our commitment to excellence doesn’t stop there. Behind each innovative formula is a team of dedicated researchers, guided by the latest scientific advancements. Our products are the result of a scientific approach, reflecting the finding of studies and the latest trends in pharmaceuticals, nutrition, food, and wellness fields.

Available across Canada

Swical Energy Shot is present in Quebec under the Laboratoire Suisse brand, while Ultra Energy Shot is available in the rest of the country under our national brand Wampole.

Energizing activations

To support these launches, the Wampole and Laboratoire Suisse teams engaged in field activations in the fall of 2023, by energizing fans during the Montreal Alouettes’ game on October 28, 2023, and the Laval Rocket’s games on November 3 and 15, 2023.

In addition to being available for sale online on and, and soon on Amazon and, these ready-to-drink gels are distributed in many pharmacies across Canada, including Accès Pharma (Walmart), Jean Coutu, Brunet, Uniprix, Familiprix, PharmaSave, Pharmacy Brands Canada and Mckesson!

To learn more, visit: Swical Energy Shot and Ultra Energy Shot