Our divisions
& subsidiaries

JAMP Pharma has several divisions in order to offer you products that
meet the needs of every aspect of your life.

JAMP Pharma is a privately owned company headquartered in Boucherville, 20 minutes from Montreal. The company is experiencing phenomenal growth and is among the leading players in the generic pharmaceutical industry in Canada, with close to 300 molecules in a rapidly-growing portfolio.

Orimed is a private Canadian pharmaceutical company. Currently, our team specializes in bone health and primary care. We will soon expand our portfolio into new therapeutic fields. Through our own R&D team and through strong partnerships with international companies, Orimed provides innovative solutions to healthcare professionals and their patients. For example, our SoluCAL calcium supplement does not cause constipation and our Luxa-D 2000 supplement provides a suitable dose for those with a greater need for vitamin D.


A trusted brand since 1893, Wampole offers a wide range of natural products and nutritional supplements. Its formulations are scientifically developed and are at the cutting edge of research and development. From herbal supplements to nutritional supplements for joint health, brain and heart health, intestinal health, iron deficiency and sleep disorders, Wampole offers a wide range of health solutions. The product portfolio also includes the Adorable natural products brand, intended specifically for moms and young children, as well as cough and cold products under the renowned Valda brand.

Today, more than ever, using Wampole brand products is a matter of common sense. Dedicated to quality, service and best value for your money, Wampole paves the way for a new century of health.

Laboratoire Suisse

Laboratoire Suisse offers a complete range of natural products made from high quality active ingredients, approved by Health Canada, adapted to different daily needs: joint pain, digestive disorders, heart and brain health, intestinal health, sleep disorders, loss of energy, vitamins and minerals, immune system.

Maintaining its pharmaceutical heritage by applying high manufacturing standards, and thanks to significant investments in R&D, Laboratoire Suisse can pride itself on offering high quality, innovative products at competitive prices and accessible to all!

Cosmetic import

Founded in 1956, Cosmetic Import is a beauty and body care distribution division. A partner of many European companies for over 60 years, it offers Canadians quality sustainable products and pioneering brands such as:


  • French Formula and Algemarina hair styling products
  • Henri Bernard deodorant product
  • Algemarin bath products
  • Natural Glycerin soaps.